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Urgent Care Services in Castle Hill

What is an Urgent Care Services?

New South Wales (NSW) has introduced Urgent Care Services to reduce the burden on emergency departments. Urgent Care Services focuses on treatment of urgent but non-critical health conditions. Urgent care Clinic are walk-in clinics to cater wide range of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Urgent care centre provide immediate medical care for non-emergency situations that require timely attention but do not necessitate a visit to an emergency room. Urgent Care Service aim is to offer quick and accessible medical services, particularly when primary care doctors are unavailable. Immediate Care clinics usually operate beyond regular office hours to handle a variety of urgent health concerns.

Our Urgent Care Services in Castle Hill

Our Urgent Care Service Centre is supported by highly skilled Independent Doctors and Registered Nurses, with excellent treatment and facilities. Our Urgent Care Services are available on weekdays from 8am to 8pm. Some common illnesses or injuries that you can receive Urgent Care in Castle Hill include.

Why Choose Us For Urgent Care Services?

Opening hours for Urgent Care Services in Castle Hill ​

Health Zone Barwell Medical Centre Urgent Care Services are available on weekdays from 8am to 8pm.

How to access Urgent Care Service with Health Zone Barwell in Castle Hill?

Medical Practice can be accessed by calling the Urgent Care Line on 1800 371 372 where a Clinician will assess your needs, provide you with health information and advice, and book you into a UCS Centre if appropriate. This service can also be accessed as walk in if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria to Access Urgent Care Services

  • a resident living in a community located in NSW or near its border​
  • experiencing an acute injury or illness that is not an emergency
  • needing medical treatment in the next 2 to 12 hours; and
  • unable to get an appointment with your own General Practitioner (GP) or at nearby medical centres. 

How to make an appointment?

To make an appointment for Urgent Care Service Centre call 1800 371 372
or Walk in appointments are also available

Urgent Care Services FAQs​

Is Urgent Care Services available for all age group?

There are ranges of Urgent Care Services available. Some are for all age groups, but some are specifically designed for elder age group.

What are operation hours for Urgent Care Services in Castle Hill?

HealthZone Barwell medical Centre Urgent Care Services operates in weekdays from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

Do i need an appointment for Urgent Care in Castle Hill?

No appointment is necessary for Urgent Care Services. However, you can call the Urgent Care Line at 1800 371 372 to discuss your condition and potentially book a time slot.

How is Urgent care services is different from Emergency Services?

Urgent Care Services treat non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require timely medical attention but aren’t emergencies. Compared to emergency departments, Urgent Care typically offers shorter wait times and bulk billing for some services.

Testimonials from our customers

Very nice reception, staff and DR. Plus not busy.
Victor Lam
Victor Lam
Took wife to follow up on diabetes test results. No issue so good. Dr Komal kindly reminded us that we still haven’t taken the Shingles vaccine. So me and wife both took our first dose. They said will send reminder for our next one. Very helpful indeed. Thank you n have a very Merry Christmas to all the doctors nurses n supporting staff.
Cherie Ho
Cherie Ho
My family and I have received excellent care from the doctors and nurses at this practice, in particular Dr Naqvi, Dr Sharma, Dr Ryan and Dr Bandgar. They are open over the weekend - very helpful.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith
I agree that after more than a year being treated at this M/C, the service has been excellent whether medical, nursing and front office has been exemplary.
Leanne T
Leanne T
Great care and support!
Michael Burnyeat
Michael Burnyeat
Always receive good service, advice and support. Thank you Michael

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