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Children’s Immunisation and Vaccinations

At our practice we provide routine childhood vaccines. When scheduling your child for their routine immunisations, please contact our friendly reception team to schedule an appointment time with one of our doctors and a nurse. This is also a good opportunity to discuss with your doctor any concerns regarding your child’s growth and development.

Information regarding the routine childhood immunisation schedule can be found in the baby blue book and on the NSW Health website. It is important to note that childhood vaccines administered before the due date may not be recognised by the NSW Department of Health. For example, if a 4-month vaccine is given at 3 months and 30 days, the NSW may not accept the vaccination record so it is best to book an appointment on or after the due date. Certain exceptions apply so please see your doctor for more information.



Travel Vaccinations

Our doctors have a special interest in travel medicine and are specifically trained to help manage all your travel medicine needs. If you plan to go traveling, it is recommended that you see one of our doctors at least 4 weeks prior to your departure date. This will ensure that you have adequate time to obtain protection before you travel. We administer all common travel vaccines for adults and children.

Have I left my travel vaccine too late?

If you are travelling last minute, or have forgotten to get your relevant vaccines, please book an appointment with one of our doctors immediately for assistance.  Good travel hygiene can help you minimize jet lag, protect you against traveller’s diarrhoea and infectious diseases like dengue fever, rabies and malaria. Your doctor can advise you on the best medications to take with you in case you get sick.

Speak to one of our experienced travel medicine doctors for more information on how you can protect yourself whilst overseas.

Private Immunisations

Bexsero protects against meningococcal disease (type B). The Bexsero vaccine is recommended by the NSW Department of Health but is not currently government funded. Meningococcal Type B is the most common strain of the meningococcus bacteria to infect people in NSW.

Nimenrix (Meningococcal Strain ACWY) is another meningococcal vaccine that offers protection against Meningococcal strain A, C, W-135 and Y. Nimenrix is currently government funded for children at 12 months of age, but if you are traveling overseas with your newborn to high risk areas before age 12 months, Nimenrix can be considered and is available from as early as 6 weeks of age.

Hepatitis A vaccine can be given from one year of age. It is a travel vaccine that protects against hepatitis A, a virus which can be found in food and contaminated water in developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America and Central America, the Middle East and Pacific Islands.

Typhoid  vaccine that offers protection against the bacteria salmonella typhi and can be given from 2 years of age. It is also transmitted through contaminated food and water in developing countries. It causes gastroenteritis that most people recover from but if untreated can be fatal.

For all vaccinations, we recommend staying at the clinic for at least 15 minutes after the inoculation to monitor for any allergic reactions. Please contact our friendly reception team on 02 88650 650 or book an appointment online now.

Testimonials from our customers

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Highly recommend Dr Prakash for his thoroughness and care. All the doctors at the centre are recommended.
great experience, nice staff, nice and quick.
Dr. Komal Naqvi is caring, gentle and knowledgeable. I went to other GP practices in the same area before but Dr.Komal is the one I want to stick with. The receptionist staff is also very nice!
Eugene was unreal
Navneet ANAND
Navneet ANAND
I along my family have visited Barwell Medical Centre in Castle Hill few times now, the service is impeccable. Dr Mohit Sharma and his team of staff are very welcoming, supporting professionals and very efficient. We highly recommend them. Regards, Navneet Anand
Suzanne Eiszele-Evans
Suzanne Eiszele-Evans
Great doctors. Helpful and friendly staff.
Victor Lam
Victor Lam
Took wife to follow up on diabetes test results. No issue so good. Dr Komal kindly reminded us that we still haven’t taken the Shingles vaccine. So me and wife both took our first dose. They said will send reminder for our next one. Very helpful indeed. Thank you n have a very Merry Christmas to all the doctors nurses n supporting staff.

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